What kind of systems do you have on your Teamspeak?
1. our own programmed bot, which we develop and improve permanently.
2. the musicbots and most visible bots in general are Sinusbots.
3. the ChannelButler comes from one of our partners, who also offers it for different Teamspeak servers.
4. in order to display our Teamspeak on the Teamspeak-Server.org page and the ts3index server list, their bots connect to our Teamspeak at regular intervals to get the required information.

How can I reach a higher level ?
This can only be achieved through activity. This means that you should try to talk to other people a lot. In addition there is the possibility to reach a higher level faster by voting for our Teamspeak server, a level boost.

How can I become a member ?
Information about different groups on our Teamspeak can be found here on the website at:  https://flosing.de/info/ts-groups-en.html

Where does the name Flosing!de come from ?
This is a mixture of the name of Florian Densing. The "de" is our default domain and the "!" is just a substitute for a normal point.

Why does a bot not work ?
If this should ever be the case, we ask you to contact us immediately or to inform us in another way.
! It is quite possible that we already know about it or have switched it off ourselves...

Why doesn't a music bot work at the moment ?
With the Sinusbots it can come occasionally once to failures. In such a case we ask you to contact us immediately or to inform us in another way.

Why don't I see the banner - only the background and the part with the logo ?
Our banner is generated and saved individually for each user. Due to the interval it is possible that such a banner will be shown to you for a short time.

How can you be reached ?
Simply come to us in the Teamspeak or reach us under: info@flosing.de

Who are you ?
We are a public community, i.e. a group of people who are engaged in various activities under the name Flosing!de.

What are the benefits for you ?
We do all this voluntarily and without payment. It is enough for us to offer you a platform where you can "meet", chat and have fun.

Will my private data be passed on ?
Information about your data can be found at: https://flosing.de/datenschutzerklaerung.html

Can I have this dynamic banner - these functions via Bot / Query Bot also on my server ?
At the moment this is not easy, because only selected Teamspeak servers get these functions from us. ( apply under: info@flosing.de )

How can I support you ?
There are several ways to do this. Above all you should follow our rules and be active on our Teamspeak. If you also tell friends about us, that would be wonderful.
Furthermore you can vote for our Teamspeak server, which also helps us. ( see: http://vote.flosing.de )

How can I switch off annoying messages from bots ?
If a message, for example the welcome message of the butler, should bother you too much, please contact the support.

Who belongs to the team and what are the tasks of these persons ?
For this information we have a special channel on our Teamspeak...
You can find this channel above as heading of the category Management.