The team, i.e. the persons with the necessary authorization, can take the punishment at any time.
Since our rules do not cover everything, the offence in question does not necessarily have to be included in them.

The requests of the team leadership regarding the behavior must be followed.
The team management has to justify nothing and reserves the right to spontaneous changes of the rules.

Ignorance does not protect against punishment !

§ 1. naming

1.1 Nicknames may not contain any protected names or parts of names. ( This also includes the names of groups in Teamspeak )
1.2 Nicknames may not contain any prohibited content. ( see §2 Behavior )
1.3 Emotes may are not used, but special characters are allowed to a certain extent.
1.4 The output as another client also refers to the nickname.

Addition: The nickname should correspond to the nickname in games and/or the first name. 


2.1 Content of any kind is prohibited if it is advertising, offensive, racist, violent, pornographic, extremist, sexist, hateful or offensive.

Addition: Exceptions are only possible for advertising content, this must be agreed with an owner.

§ 3. Avatar

3.1 Reference to §2. Contents and §4. Behaviour.

§ 4. Behavior

4.1 Reference to §2. Content.
4.2 It is forbidden to impersonate anyone else.

Addition: Everyone is expected to express themselves politely and objectively.

§ 5. Server Chat

5.1 This may only be used with the express permission of an owner.

Addition: Such permission is unique, so you may only publish the previously permitted one time.

§ 6. Channel-hopping

6.1 Channel-hopping (the constant jumping from one channel to the other) is prohibited.

Addition: If such a case should occur, it is possible that a team member will take care of this person - this can also be done by assigning the StickyClient group.

§ 7. recording

7.1 Recording is prohibited on the entire server.
7.2 In a channel this is only allowed after consultation with the present users. If a user does not agree to the recording, the recording of the conversation is prohibited.
7.3 This also applies to a live broadcast.

Addition: Like other offences, this is also forbidden by law and will be prosecuted!


8.1 If the user is absent for a longer period of time, he is asked to go to the corresponding AFK channel(s).


9.1 A kick or ban is never unfounded and serves as a punishment.
9.2 Inappropriate kicks/banns can be reported by message (e.g. via 

§ 10. TS3 RIGHTS

10.1 Teamspeak rights are not awarded indiscriminately, but always serve a specific purpose. If rights are required, a responsible team leader can be contacted. 
10.2 Begging for rights is prohibited. 

Addition: This includes groups and others.


11.1 The members of the team leadership have the full right of instruction. This means that you must follow their instructions. 
11.2 If the instructions are not compatible with the law - please contact an owner immediately.


12.1 Advertising is prohibited in any way. ( see § 2 Contents )
12.2 Exceptions are possible, but only with the express permission of an owner. 


13.1 Each attack against this server is punishable and will be prosecuted if necessary.


14.1 Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be made public and/or exchanged. At no time will a team leader ask for sensitive information such as user passwords.


15.1 The use of additives is prohibited. 
15.2 Exceptions are possible, but only with the express permission of a team leader. 


16.1 Bots must not be connected to the TS3 server. 
16.2 Exceptions are possible, but only with the express permission of a team leader. 


17.1 Uploading files is currently disabled for almost everyone.


18.1 All users are required to follow the TS3 server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, this user must immediately be reported to a team leader.


19.1 The content of this Teamspeak server is copyrighted by This means that contents such as texts, pictures or rights settings may not be used for own purposes without permission of the copyright holder or be passed on.

§ 20. Level / rank

20.1 Through the ranking system on our TeamSpeak server you will be assigned to a level after the active time. The longer you were active, the higher the level. (In form of a server group)
20.2 It is therefore prohibited to pretend activity. ( For example playing a song while you are absent )


21.1 These rules may be partially overridden by channel rights, but only owners can do so.
21.1 In such a case, no one shall be allowed to change this description and the owner shall identify himself.